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Amanda Acevedo


With over 20 years of experience I have worked on development projects, served as a technical leader and managed cross program integration efforts. From Argonne National Lab where I developed control system software for the ATLAS accelerator, to NASA/Johnson Space Center where I worked Space Shuttle, X38, AERCam and Orion programs, to my current position with Intuitive Machines, an engineering think tank, where I develop software and lead projects in the aerospace, energy and medical sectors.

Dedicated to helping physics graduates.

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My success is deeply rooted in a physics education and the problem solving approaches that physics graduates sharpen during their student career and work experiences.

I am dedicated to helping other physics graduates design a career strategy that fuels their desire to solve problems, build solutions and be a uniquely valuable asset in industry

Leading physics graduates to careers that positively impact the world, shape technology and fuel their ideas. 
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